Electrical assembly

The company MW Automatic offers comprehensive services in the field of electrical assembly and I&C in the system "Turnkey" along with the start-up. The experience gained and the authorization held allow to perform repair services, modernization and assembly works in full scope and on every object.

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We are specialists in the assembly of complete machines and technological lines, including electrical and electronic components.

We also carry out assembly of electrical components for external projects in accordance with customer specifications. All projects implemented are experienced and qualified staff. We also offer full technological support in electrical works. We carry out assembly electrical components, control cabinets as well as panels and control panels.

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One of our main tasks when assembling production lines or individual machines is the assembly of the electrical part, which is expanded assembly and connection of electrical components, automation, pneumatics and hydraulics.

These tasks performed by experienced electricians and automation technicians give color to each technological line and of course allow the machine to "live" in the way provided by the designer.

Our employees are responsible for the following works:

  • Installation of cable routes (mesh or full cable trays and ladders),
  • Location of cables from motors, sensors, flow meters and other actuators and measuring elements to control cabinets,
  • Installation of measuring elements like all kinds of sensors, flow meters or encoders,
  • Installation of power supply and control cabinets,
  • Electrical measurements.