Industrial installations are the main production branch of MW Automatic.

We carry out several types of installations:

  • industrial automation installations,
  • electrical installations,
  • pneumatic installations,
  • machine hydraulics installations,
  • teletechnical installations.

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We make installations both according to the customer's project and we can propose to create our own project.
The above types of installations are part of the whole larger machine or building system. Thanks to them, technological lines they work to fulfill the tasks entrusted to them, and buildings or production halls allow for safe and comfortable work and functioning.

We create and assemble installations for such industries as:

  • food,
  • chemical,
  • dairy,
  • automotive.
A group of mixes of experienced and young specialists of electricians and automation creates installations tailored to the needs of even the most demanding customers.
Employees equipped with modern work tools largely with battery power and adapted to work at height.